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Closer [ GH4 Anamorphic Test ] from Diego Contreras on Vimeo.

Testing out the GH4 with the SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x +
Sigma 30mm 1.4 | Nikon Metabones Speedbooster | Vivitar ND | CinelikeV

Model: Saury Armenta
Music: Wonder - Adventure Club ft. TKST

Shot in NYC

San Williams “Really Good to Me” from Tyler Mitchell on Vimeo.

Music video by San Williams performing his song “Really Good to Me”
Download song: bit.ly/1laKO0S

Director: Tyler Mitchell
AD: Saleh Ramazani
Producer: Amber Walker
Assoc. Producer: Joe Salwen
DP: Tyler Mitchell
Camera (day 3): Michael Shepherd
Lighting: Jess Neuhauser
Swing: Noah Reyes

Editor: Madeline Stedman
Color: Tyler Mitchell

Starring Elen Peace

Special thanks to Benji Ramazani, Peter Pascucci, the Ewings and the Neuhausers.

The Quiet City: Winter in Paris from Andrew Julian on Vimeo.

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Claire and I recently took a trip to France, and I filmed this during our time in Paris. Until this trip, I had only ever experienced Paris in the summer and I was struck by just how different the city is when most of us tourist are gone. We were equipped with our metro and museum passes and were able to easily access most places of interest without even waiting in line. It was incredible! We were even given a private tour of the École du Louvre. Thanks Elisabeth!

The weather wasn’t always perfect, but our experience was totally different and unique. Now I’m truly curious to visit the city in other seasons. Maybe a trip during the Fall someday?

I continue to be amazed by the little camera that could, aka the the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. I have yet to shoot ProRes or DNxHD, though I’ve seen amazing footage that was shot in the compressed modes. For me it’s all about the uncompressed raw. It’s not the easiest or fastest format to work with in post, but it allows me to color grade the images to get exactly the look I’m after.

I had the latest firmware for this shoot and put the timelapse feature to use. It’s not going to replace a DSLR for serious timelapse work, but it is an amazing companion in my opinion. It can shoot consistently at higher frame rates than a DSLR can sustain, so shots where you only want a subtle timelapse effect are achievable. You can also shoot with longer intervals, but the slowest shutter speed is still only 1/24th of a second so shots become less smooth the longer your interval is. Ideally, you’d want to be closer to a 180 degree shutter.

Music: Spiegel im Spiegel composed by Arvo Pärt

Camera and Lenses:
-Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF
-Sigma 8-16mm
-Canon 24-70mm
-Canon 50mm 1.4
-Canon 70-200 IS II

Meet Me in Big Sur from Andrew Julian on Vimeo.

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Check out my latest film The Quiet City: Winter in Paris.

Have you ever wanted to visit Big Sur? Yes or no, take my advice and GO! Call in sick or do whatever you need to do and go; you will not be sorry. I have been dreaming of exploring Big Sur for years now and finally did it! My wife and I packed our car and drove with no plans other than to end up in Big Sur. Driving along the Pacific Coast Highway is an incredible experience and being able to really take our time and explore was easily the best start to a new year I’ve ever had.

Trying to bring the Spirit of California’s central coast into this film has been difficult. I’ve tried my best, but pictures just can’t do it justice. No camera can perfectly capture the raw power and beauty of the Pacific Ocean or the feeling of standing near the ledge of a high cliff while the sun sets.

I used my Blackmagic Cinema Camera for this film and the color and latitude that shooting in raw provides still amazes me. The flexibility that uncompressed raw gives you in post production makes the 1 Terabyte per 2 hours of footage data rate worth it. I also can’t wait to use the new firmware that’s been announced! Many more great options to expand the capabilities and improve the workflow. It definitely would have made this shoot a bit easier.

P.S. If you can, watch this film with good speakers and turn it up! Be careful though, it gets much louder towards the end.

Music: Time by Hans Zimmer

-Big Sur
-Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park
-McWay Falls
-Pfeiffer Beach
-Partington Cove
-Bixby Bridge
-Point Sur Lighthouse
-Piedras Blancas
-San Simeon
-Andrew Molera State Park
-Pebble Beach
-Scott Creek
-San Francisco
-Baker Beach
-Golden Gate Bridge
-Various locations along the PCH

Camera and Lenses:
-Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF
-Sigma 8-16mm
-Canon 24-70mm
-Canon 70-200 IS II

Facebook “Together we dream bigger” from João Franco on Vimeo.

Cliente: Facebook
Direção: Vokos
Montagem: João Franco

The Truth about Doctor Who

Who is Doctor Who? 

This might be conjecture at best but it makes more sense then anything else. The Doctor is not really a Time Lord, the doctor is the Time Lord. What does that mean? Well simple, The Doctor is God. 

It’s quite straight forward actually. The Doctor is a man who travels through the universe saving people. On more than one occasion he has received a prayer. He is revered by many. He is always alone, which is what god must be like. He is the lonely God. 

Not to mention when he ceased to exist galaxies start disappearing. One Time Lord cannot have that effect specially if you think about the millions of Time Lords that must have traveled throughout space and time before they were time locked in the war. 

timelier,Now the Time Lords. God created man in his image. Or in this case he creates the first race, the Time Lords in his image. Meanwhile as time progressed the Devil is represented by the Daleks and Cyberman, amongst others. 

The oldest question in the universe was Doctor Who. Why is it the oldest question? Why does no now know it? Only for one reason, because the name of God in many mythologies is sacred and has power. Just the simple recitation of the name has power. 

The Doctor plays nice but when he is angry he makes the best of them shiver. How can one man have that effect. Granted that not all must know him as God. But the legends must have made him closer to God in most planets. 

He is feared, he is loved, he creates and destroys. He is God. Perhaps that’s Doctor Who’s name: God. 

SHOWstudio: Evening In Space - Daphne Guinness / David LaChapelle / Tony Visconti from SHOWstudio on Vimeo.

Daphne Guinness consolidates her move into music with a theatrical, mesmerising new music video directed by acclaimed image-maker David LaChapelle. Evening in Space was produced by Tony Visconti and is the first single from Guinness’ upcoming debut album, which is billed for release in September 2014. The video features custom fashion by many of Guinness’ favourite houses, including Iris van Herpen and Noritaka Tatehana, alongside pieces from her own celebrated clothing collection.

Song Writing and Performance: Daphne Guinness
Music Production: Tony Visconti
Video Direction: David LaChapelle


Keep Exploring - Brice Portolano from Mathieu Le Lay on Vimeo.

A 3 weeks adventure with the French photographer Brice Portolano backpacking in the wilderness of British Columbia. After a week on Vancouver Island, Brice hiked in the South Chilcotin mountains with the aim of reaching the highest summits.

Directed, filmed & edited by Mathieu Le Lay - mathieulelay.com | facebook.com/mathieulelayfilmmaker
Photographer Brice Portolano - briceportolano.com | facebook.com/portolano.brice


With the support of the Canadian Tourism Commission


Shot in British Columbia

4 days trek in Cape Scott, Vancouver Island

6 days trek in the South Chilcotin Mountains


Rone “Parade”
by Erwan Castex
© Warner Chappell Music France & Infine
With the authorization of Warner Chappell Music France 

Moby “Not Sensitive”, “Snowball”, “Blue Paper”

LovinPix & SlideKamera 

© Mathieu Le Lay - 2014

Philip Selway - Coming Up For Air from Bella Union on Vimeo.

Coming Up For Air is taken from Philip Selway’s forthcoming solo album, Weatherhouse.

iTunes - smarturl.it/psweatherhouseit
Amazon UK Signed CD – amzn.to/Tr6oB2
CD: smarturl.it/WeatherhouseCD
LP: smarturl.it/WeatherhouseLP

Directed by NYSU
Cast: Silvia Vacas, Manu Rivas, Ricardo Knosi, Cova de Alfonso, Lucía Alonso
Director of Photography:Juan Santacruz
Gaffer: Miguel Roldán
Production manager: Alberto López Garrido
Colour: Thiago Quadrado
Art director: Olga Martínez
Costume design: Zahara
Comissioner: John Moule
Shot in Adisar Estudios (Madrid)

“Dye: She’s Bad” by Dent de Cuir - NOWNESS from NOWNESS on Vimeo.

Juan de Guillebon AKA Dye enlists outlandish filmmaking duo Dent de Cuir in a NSFW cautionary tale.
Read the full feature on NOWNESS: bit.ly/1vbcu6F

A film by Dent de Cuir dentdecuir.com/